About Blue

During the summer between my sophomore and junior years of high school, I was lucky enough to meet my first person with autism, an amazing boy who I was fortunate enough to be a camp counselor for. After spending two weeks with him, I was hooked, and I have spent my time ever since pursuing ways to work with more people like him. Since then, I’ve volunteered and worked at an autism-focused NPS, an amazing social skills summer camp for kids with Asperger’s and Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities, a self-contained elementary school SPED class, and am now currently working as a junior behavior therapist doing early intervention ABA therapy with kids on the spectrum.

When I’m not hanging out with the awesome kids I work with, I enjoy playing the celtic harp, reading, and playing with my insane cat, Toby.

Feel free to give me a follow at Twitter! My username there is @lifesnotasong and I would love to connect!


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